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2018 - String Quartet

Mixim was written at a crossroads in my life, when the future seemed dangerous and uncertain. The world felt so complex, and I was suddenly inspired to write a minimalist piece. I wanted something that took a breath and washed over the listener with its simplicity. When times were difficult, I would take a break and listen to this work in order to remove negative feelings and remember that everything would eventually balance out. Mixim is a palindrome: as the piece slowly reveals itself, it builds to a brief climax before turning around and mirroring back to the end. Simple ideas take on a new form when reversed, yet the essential character of the piece does not change. Life eventually finds balance, just like this work.

The work was premiered on October 25, 2019 at Cornell College. The performers were Andrew Gentzsch (Violin I), Alex Norris (Violin II), Michelle Bennett (Viola), and James Ellis (Violoncello).

Mixim: List
Mixim: Listen
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